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Daniel Auner proudly plays on "D'Elia" - a Giovanni Battista Guadagnini Violin 1752 that belongs to the collection of the Austrian National Bank. The instrument sounds even better with strings by Thomastik Infeld.


Thank you very much for visiting my digital home and concert hall.

In today's time, most classical music is being listened online via Spotify, iTunes etc. and many listeners like to visit an artists' website to find out more about the musician. Before you can read my vita below I am happy to share with you some details of my personal life and how I became the musician I am today. You can skip this and go to my official CV if you click here... 

I was born in Vienna as son of Irina Auner, a pianist from St. Petersburg, and Diethard Auner, an Austrian cellist. My parents met in St. Petersburg when my father was studying there, same time like my mother.I started as a young Toddler to play (with) the cello. Unfortunately I was still much too small for even the smallest cello that existed in Vienna that time, so my father brought an old viola to a luthier and asked him to attach a spike. So my first toy was a viola with a spike and I loved to annoy everyone with it. My parents started to play piano trio (the todays "Vienna Mozart Trio") when I was around 5, so the moment I saw a violin I wanted to play just violin, the cello became very boring very fast. Trying to hold my viola-cello like a violin I had the tip of the spike just next to my throat; like this it was very easy to convince my parents to get me a small violin. As soon as I then started learning to play, my parents supported my wish to become a musician, but they never pushed me into it. They knew by themselves how difficult it is to reach the top and how many sacrifices you have to commit to stay there. I started at a normal music school, then entered the preparation studies at the Vienna Music University, stayed there until my Bachelor and went to study my Masters in Salzburg. In Vienna my main teacher was the Viennese Violinist Christian Altenburger, with whom I learned most of my Violin playing today. After studying with him for almost 6 years he then encouraged me to continue my studies at the Mozarteum, where I studied with Igor Ozim. Most of the knowledge I have today about the historical adequate interpretation of pieces by J.Seb. Bach, W.A Mozart etc. I learned from him.

He was the kind of teacher that took away the students bow and gave him the bow Mozart used - to let him see how different the fast notes sound immediately. He was always teaching the Violin concertos from the Orchestra Score, to make the student understand the harmonic tensions; where to play more and where less. He was teaching a lot from the piano, playing all the chords in the Bach solo-works for violin to show the student the harmonic lines. At this time I was already playing quite a lot of concerts and it was very difficult to finish all the theoretical subjects at the university next to travelling. I went to a lot of Violin competitions, won a few, but was always happy to play as many concerts as I can. In Salzburg I met a pianist that influenced me very much, Robin Green. He was studying conducting and piano at the Mozarteum and we played our first concert together in London shortly after we first met. We then travelled a lot together, recorded the Dialog mit Mozart CD and our next recording project is, at least in our heads, ready since long time.
For my studies I moved to Salzburg, where I shared the apartment with another violin student of Igor Ozim and Barbara, my future wife. With Barbara I also founded a Violin Duo, the Duo Mozartiano. We travel the whole world with it, just last year we went to South Africa, Belize, Mexico etc. I went back to Vienna in 2014 and then later continued to study in a post-graduate "Advanced Studies" course at the music university in Graz with Boris Kuschnir. His way of teaching is very different from all the other teachers I had before and it enriched and polished my way of playing the violin very much. In 2017, the Austrian National Bank granted me a loan of one of their most beautiful Violins in their collection; "Elia" - a Violin made by Giovanni Battista Guadagnini 1752 in Milano. It became my new voice and soul. 
If you are a musician or music lover yourself, check out my facebook site called "Classical Music Humor". I founded it together with Barbara three years ago, today we have around 400.000 active "Fans" and the site became the biggest collection of funny clips and pictures about classical music, even the fastest growing online "society" of classical musicians. We made AirBerlin change its policies regarding violins on airplanes. I grew up listening to a lot of chamber music at home, so very fast making chamber music became an important part of my life. I am now playing since 2009 in the Vienna Mozart Trio, most of the concerts we play in the UK, Holland and Germany. It is a different way to make music if you play with your parents, much more direct, and we share some very beautiful concert memories together. The Auner Quartet exists now since a few years and we have a lot of fun playing together. That is one of the most important things to me as a musician; I want to enjoy making music. There are a lot of new projects coming up and I am happy to share them with you in my blog.

Thank you very much for reading my lines and visiting my site, enjoy my music!



The young Violinist Daniel Auner is one of "today’s most exciting and promising young artists. With his impressive stylistic assurance and musical flexibility, he imbues his interpretations of works from diverse periods with a captivating stamp of authenticity." “Daniel Auner, a young master violinist from Vienna,” entitled DIE PRESSE a review of a recital at the Vienna Musikverein, observing that Vienna sent out “prominent talents into the world”. His last Album „Dialog mit Mozart“ got awarded „CD of the Month“ in the famous STRAD Magazine, first time an Austrian Musician since decades.

Daniel Auner has already performed in many of Europe’s most prestigious venues such as the Musikverein and Konzerthaus in Vienna, the Teatro São Carlos in Lisbon, the Fundation Juan March in Madrid, the Stiftung Mozarteum Salzburg, the Morizburg Festival, the Festival de Radio France Montpellier, the Schloss Esterhàzy Eisenstadt, the Ochsenhausen Spring Festival, Kings Place and Cadogan Hall in London and many others. He has debuted with the Tonkünstler Orchester Niederösterreich under the baton of Josep Caballé-Domenech, Orchestre Philharmonique du Straßburg and Theodor Guschlbauer, the TU Orchestra Vienna and Andrés Orozco-Estrada, the Bergische Symphoniker and Peter Wolf, the Jeunesse Orchestra and Atso Almila, the Deutsche Kammerakademie Neuss and Lavard Skou-Larsen, the Orchestra of St. Pauls and Ben Palmer, the Divertimento Orchestra Ottawa and Gordon Slater, the Brazilian Symphony Orchestra and Lee Mills and the Portugal Symphony Orchestra with António Lourenço.


Daniel Auner is a prize-winner at many different violin competitions, like the “Klassik.Preis.Österreich,” the Johannes Brahms Competition and the Dresden Violin Competition. Apart from his work as a soloist, Daniel Auner is a very active chamber musician. He is member of the "Vienna Mozart Trio", which was founded in 1990 and is a regular guest in Europes big concert halls. As regular Guest of international Chamber Music Festivals and as the founder of the Austrian Music Festival “Sommerkonzerte Wienerwald”, he regulary performs chamber music with partners such as Dennis Russell Davies, Pavel Gililov, Christian Altenburger, Jan Vogler, Hannfried Lucke, Frans Helmerson, Wolfgang Böttcher, Ivry Gitlis or Patrick Demenga. Being one of Austrias most-popular young artists, Daniel has been sent throughout the world by the Austrian Ministry of External Affairs under the aegis of culture abroad to represent his Country as an Ambassador of Culture.


Many of Daniels Concerts are regulary recorded and broadcasted by Classical Radio Stations f.ex Radio France, MDR, Radio Classica, ORF, Radio Stephansdom, Radio Ottawa etc. Daniel Auner published recordings on the Gramola Vienna and Coviello Classics Label. On his 2010 debut CD "Caprice Viennois," which Daniil Auner recorded in Leipzig at the invitation of MDR, he compared great violin virtuosos of the past in a collection of works.  The Album “Dialog mit Mozart” was recorded with the british Pianist Robin Green after intensive research in the Mozarteum Salzburg and was awarded CD of the Month for Dezember 2014 in the “THE STRAD” Magazine.


Daniel Auner was born in Vienna as son of a pianist from St. Petersburg and a Viennese Cellist. He received his first violin lessons at the age of five. In 2003, he was enrolled in the class of Christian Altenburger at the University of Music in Vienna, in 2012 Daniel took up studies with Igor Ozim at the Mozarteum Salzburg where he graduated 2013 with excellence. In a post-Master study Daniel completed his artistic education with Boris Kuschnir at the Kunstuniversität Graz. 2015, with 28 years of age, Daniel started as a Violin Professor at the Prayner Conservatory Vienna.

Daniel plays on "Elia", one of the most beautiful instruments by Giovanni Battista Guadagnini belonging to the Austrian National Bank and is generously supported by Thomastik Infeld.


„Daniel Auner, ein junger Meistergeiger aus Wien“ titelte „Die Presse“ in der letzten Saison die Rezension eines Rezitals im Wiener Musikverein und konstatierte, dass Wien „eminente Talente in die Welt“ schickt. Dies reflektiere die beachtliche künstlerische Reife und Vielseitigkeit des in Wien geborenen Geigers Daniel Auner. Er vermag es, durch seine beeindruckende Stilsicherheit, musikalische Flexibilität und Intelligenz, seinen Interpretationen von Werken unterschiedlichster Epochen eine stets bestechende Authentizität zu verleihen. Gespeist wird diese Fähigkeit durch Auners musikalische Neugier, die ihn schon während seines Violinstudiums in Wien regelmäßig in die Nationalbibliothek oder in die Stiftung Mozarteum in Salzburg führte, um die Entstehungs- und Interpretationsgeschichte seines Repertoires zu hinterfragen und sich damit akribisch auseinander zu setzen. Gemeinsam mit dem Londoner Pianisten Robin Green hat in den letzten Jahren besonders an Musik der Klassik rund um Mozart geforscht, das jüngste Produkt dieser Zusammenarbeit ist das im Mai 2014 erschienene Album „Dialog mit Mozart“. Diese Einspielung wurde vom weltberühmten „STRAD MAGAZIN“ als erste Auszeichnung eines Österreichers seit Jahrzehnten mit „CD des Monats“ prämiert.

Daniel Auner ist Gewinner des KlassikPreis Österreich in der Kategorie Violine und ebenso Preisträger weiterer internationaler Violinwettbewerbe. Er verfügt über ausgiebige Konzerterfahrung im In- und Ausland; sowohl als Solist als auch als Kammermusiker hat er auf Tournee bereits eine Vielzahl europäischer Länder, die USA, Lateinamerika und Asien bereist. Zu den Orchestern, mit welchen er bereits solistisch zusammenarbeitet zählen beispielsweise das Tonkünstler Orchester Niederösterreich, die Straßburger Philharmoniker, das Orquestra Sinfónica Portuguesa, die Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Neuss am Rhein, die Bergischen Symphoniker, das Orchestra of St. Pauls, das Divertimento Orchestra Ottawa, das Orquestra Sinfonica Brasileira, das Bruno Walter Chamber Orchestra, etc. Dirigenten, mit welchen er die Bühne als Solist teilte waren u.a. Josep Caballé-Domenech, Theodor Guschlbauer, Andrés Orozco-Estrada, Peter Wolf, Atso Almila, Lavard Skou-Larsen, Ben Palmer, Lee Mills und António Lourenço.

Daniel Auner wurde in Wien als Sohn einer Pianistin aus St. Petersburg und eines Wiener Cellisten geboren. Nach dem ersten Violinunterricht mit 5 Jahren studierte er später an der Wiener Musikuniversität u.a. bei Christian Altenburger und schloss anschließend das Master-Studium am Salzburger Mozarteum bei Igor Ozim ab. Bis 2017 besuchte Daniel den Post-Master Advanced Studies Lehrgang an der Kunst-Universität Graz bei Boris Kuschnir.

Neben seiner solistischen Tätigkeit ist Daniel Auner als Kammermusiker sehr aktiv. Zum einen als Mitglied des „Wiener Mozart Trios“, mit dem er in vielen der bedeutenden europäischen Konzertsäle ebenso aufgetreten ist wie in Asien. Zum anderen spielt er bei diversen Festivals bereits Kammermusik mit Partnern wie Dennis Russell Davies, Pavel Gililov, Wolfgang Boettcher, Hannfried Lucke, Frans Helmerson, Christian Altenburger, Jan Vogler oder Patrick Demenga. Im Jahr 2013 gründete er das „Auner-Quartett“, ein junges Streichquartett welches sich schnell am internationalen Konzertpodium einen Namen gemacht hat und sein Herbst 2015 seinen eigenen Zyklus im Wiener „Alten Rathaus“ bespielt. Dabei wird es von „Radio Klassik Stephansdom“, „Die Presse“ und der „Bank Austria“ unterstützt.

Seit 2012 wird Daniel Auner im Rahmen des Kulturförderprogrammes „New Austrian Sound of Music“ des österreichischen Aussenministeriums unterstützt und ist als Kulturbotschafter bereits in Deutschland, Frankreich, Italien, Spanien, Portugal, England, Irland, Albanien, Bosnien, Brasilien, Brunei, Bulgarien, Indonesien, Kanada, Luxemburg, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Peru, Slowakei, Thailand, Tunesien, Ungarn und den USA aufgetreten. Radioproduktionen wie z.B. die Eröffnung des Festival de Radio France in Montpellier 2014, die CD-Produktion „Caprice Viennois“ auf Einladung des Mitteldeutschen Rundfunk MDR in Leipzig 2011 sowie Konzertaufnahmen des ORF oder des spanischen Radio Clàsica liegen vor.


...Gemeinsam spannen die Musiker riesige, in sich vielfach schattierte, ausdrucksstarke Melodiebögen – und Robin Green ist nicht einmal durch die beinah unspielbaren Attacken des stürmisch rhythmisierten Finalthemas aus der Ruhe zu bringen. Im Wesentlichen gewährt er Strauss’ Musik die locker-lässige

Eleganz, die sie braucht, um dem Violinsolisten den roten Teppich auszubreiten: Daniil Auner bewegt sich darauf schon wie ein veritabler Star.

Wilhelm Sinkovicz über Strauss’ Violinsonate im Wiener Musikverein, DIE PRESSE, März 2012


Seit 2017 spielt Daniel Auner auf "Elia", einer Violine von Giovanni Battista Guadagnini aus der Kollektion der Österreichischen Nationalbank. Daniel Auner wird von Thomastik Infeld unterstützt und spielt auf P.I. Violinsaiten.


“Daniel Auner, um jovem mestre violinista de Viena“; manchete sobre a crítica do recital no Wiener Musikverein publicada no jornal austriaco “Die Presse” em 08 de março de 2012, no qual foi mencionado “Viena exporta excelentes talentos para o mundo“. Essa crítica espelha a incrível maturidade artística e versatilidade de Daniel Auner, violinista nascido em Viena que através de sua incrível confiança estilística, flexibilidade musical e inteligência é capaz de interpretar obras de diversos períodos com uma autenticidade fascinante.

Este viés artístico é intensificado pelo interesse musical de Auner, que já o levou à “Österreichische Nationalbibliothek” e à fundação “Stiftung Mozarteum” durante seus estudos de violino para pesquisas às origens históricas de interpretação e análises de peças do seu repertório. Daniel recebeu pareceres valiosos de artistas como Nikolaus Harnoncourt sobre interpretação de peças Barrocas e Clássicas na literatura do violino.

Vencedor de diversas competições bem como ganhou extensa experiência em concertos em seu país de origem e no mundo, por exemplo o "KlassikPreis Österreich 2012".

Como solista se apresentou pela Europa, Estados Unidos, Canada, América do Sul e Ásia.

Auner foi particularmente influenciado pelo Concerto para Violino de Alban Berg o qual estudou com profundidade o conceito musical e sua partitura orquestral que frequentemente  apresenta em várias salas de concertos, sendo um desses no Vienna Konzerthaus com todos seus ingressos vendidos e transmitido pela Rádio ORF.

Além de solista, desempenha carreira como músico de câmara, razão pela qual é membro do Viena Mozart Trio desde 2008, que se apresentou em muitas das maiores salas de concerto européias e asiáticas. Como músico camerístico atua em recitais ao lado de artistas como Dennis Russell Davies, Ivry Gitlis, Wolfgang Böttcher Pavel Gililov, Christian Altenburger, Frans Helmerson, Lavard Skou-Larsen, Jan Vogler e Patrick Demenga.

Em constante parceria com o pianista Robin Green, ambos desenvolvem e apresentam interessantes programas de concerto, por exemplo quatro recitais no “Festival de Radio France Montpellier 2013”.

Na Áustria, costuma atuar através da Jeuness Musicalische Jugend Österreichs aonde se apresentou em um concerto ao ar livre no Wiener Museumsquartier em Outubro de 2012.

Como freqüente colaborador na ORF (Austrian Broadcasting Corperation), também se apresentou em transmissão ao vivo do estúdio em Viena com o pianista Michael Schöch, vencedor da ARD Competition de 2012.

O atual violino de Daniel Auner chama "Elia" e foi feito do Luthier italiano Giovanni Battista Guadagnini em Milano 1752. Este violino e parte da colleçao da Banca National de Austria.

Daniel Auner gravou seu primeiro CD, Caprice Viennois (2010), à convite da rádio TV MDR (Central German Broadcasting Corporation) em Leipzig com peças de grandes violinistas virtuosos do passado. Seu novo álbum “Dialog mit Mozart“ gravado em “Stiftung Mozarteum Salzburg” foi lançado em 2014 e é ganhador do premio “CD of the Month” no “Strad Magazine”.