The Violin And The Romantic Organ

Chambermusic for violin and organ is one of the more untended forms of the romantic repertoire. The more important the contribution by the Viennese Violinist Daniil Auner and the Liechtensteiner Organist Hannfried Lucke should be appraised. As a prominent place for the recording of this album served the cathedral of Vaduz, Liechtenstein with its 2013 newly restored Eule organ, that includes numerous 8 ‘and 4’ registers. The original 1872 Instrument was built according to the plans of the composer J. G. Rheinberger. Its various nuances, its different timbre and the exquisite acoustics of the cathedral were a unique setup for this recording. Some works, as f.ex. the “Chaconne” from A.T. Vitali (in a romantic arrangement by Mendelssohn’s Violinist Ferdinand David) are well known as violinistic bravura pieces; but the recording artists adaptation for violin and organ gives this romantic work much more depth and harmony. Other composers included on this recording are Max Reger, Josef Gabriel Rheinberger, Franz Liszt and Maria Theresia von Paradis.


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Daniel Auner proudly plays on "D'Elia" - a Giovanni Battista Guadagnini Violin 1752 that belongs to the collection of the Austrian National Bank. The instrument sounds even better with DOMINANT PRO strings by Thomastik Infeld.

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