Ö1 Radio Jahrespreise Broadcast

Today the Austrian National Radio, Ö1 broadcasted a radio show made by the musicologist Hans Georg Nicklaus. He compared the winners of the "Deutsche Schallplattenpreise 2017" with other recordings that came out recently. You can listen to it seven more days online on


The winners of the Deuscher Schallplattenpreis 2017 were Alina Ibragimova and Cedric Tiberghien, recording all of Mozarts sonatas for violin and piano. Although it is very difficult to put recordings side by side, especially when you start to go into musicological details like appogiaturas, tempi etc.  Mr. Nicklaus managed to speak about each recording without making any musician feel bad. That was for sure not easy.

He asked himself, why Robin and I play short Appogiaturas in the G-Major Sonata, first movement. You can listen to it up here. Everyone else plays long.

My explanation is that in this style, the galant style, and with this affect of music, lightweight - not necessarily happy, but positive - the short Appogiatura would theoretically be allowed too. I find it more interesting than the long one. 

Needless to say, that Bärenreiter and the Neue Mozart Ausgabe printed all Appogiaturas wrong, as Mozart used a crossed-out eight-note instead of a sixteenth-note. He uses this kind of writing also for replacing normal sixteenth-notes - what could mean that it was in fact a sixteenth-note to him. Paul Badura-Skoda called it the "South-German" way of writing a Sixteenth-Note - crossed through. You can find more pictures about what I mean in the Mozart Project explanation on my site.


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